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Sunday, April 29, 2012

CAL: It's an ADVENT-ure

One of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up was putting a different tiny felt ornament on a wall hanging of a tree. Each day my sister and I took turns placing the next one on the tree. My kids also liked doing this. Ours was similar to the one shown below.
I have been on a search for a new advent calender. I can't find just the right one. SO...lets make one! Each month, from June-October, there will be a different theme and free patterns posted. If we make 5 pieces each month they will be finished by Halloween. This summer the pattern for the wall hanging (to put all the advent pieces on) will be posted. You can work on the wall hanging along the way or in November after all of the pieces are finished.By Thanksgiving your new advent calender will be ready to count down to the big day. These will make wonderful presents and shop items too! Too big of a project? Try doing 12 for the 12 days of Christmas instead...then add more next year.
NOTE: Try to keep your items on the smaller side, under 2.5". Some patterns will be for larger items. Make them smaller by using smaller fibers and hooks. I would also suggest making them mostly flat because they will need to fit in pockets. If you want more dimensional items the wall hanging could be altered for those too.
Themes by month, but work on them as you wish:
If you know of FREE patterns to add to this list, please send me an email with the link. Wall Hanging: patterns will be posted here when available. More advent ideas: Love advents? here are some great links.
Free Seasonal Patterns I have found (these are not my original patterns):
Free Christmas Tree Ornaments:
More patterns for advent calender...not free, but these are great:
Designers: If you would like to design a special pattern to share with snappyland for our advent calendars, please contact Patterns must be free. Your shop will be advertised for the duration of the CAL.