snappy tots: Monday Muffins

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Muffins

Several months ago a "community room" was started in snappyland, thanks to a wonderful friend, miss Margaret. Many others join in providing muffins, cinnamon rolls and other yummy treats (all in a virtual kitchen). It has come to be one of my favorite things on my page and I so wish we really could meet around quaint little tables and chat face to face.
I thought it would be fun to share some recipes for things we might make to share in the community room. Many moons ago, before I started crocheting and knitting hours and hours a week, I used to cook. This past weekend, while visiting my daughter in Salt Lake, we walked through Whole Foods. It was my first time there and I LOVED it! From the breads, to the meat counter, to the seafood...that did not smell at all (compared to my local grocery store that makes me scurry past each time) everything was gorgeous. If I weren't a penny pincher and my tiny town had such a store, I would find myself there often. It seemed like the food version of a snooty yarn store.