snappy tots: Get the most for your money

Friday, August 31, 2012

Get the most for your money

This morning I had a couple of hours to myself and decided I would make myself a hat. I rarely crochet for myself or personal use so it was fun to search for a pattern and yarn I just wanted to make.
Last night I chose my "wiggin out" pattern, a "Pebbles"-ish wig, to be the pattern of the day. Not one of my best sellers, but definitely one of my favorite stitch combos. SOooo, I decided to see what it would be like as a regular beanie. I am a FIRM believer that we should get as many uses out of a pattern as possible. Under almost every great character hat is great beanie to use too.
I LOVE how this hat turned out. Most people assume I constantly wear a handmade hat. As I write this I have my pink NY Yankee ball cap on...the one I wear a couple times a week. I rarely find a hat I think i look acceptable in. I actually can see myself wearing this new slouchy version of the "wiggin out" pattern, or "chillin out" hat.
Always look outside the box and make the most of your patterns. Some patterns I see are just a color change. You CAN do that without buying another pattern. Give yourself credit. You really are more creative then you think.