snappy tots: Furball Winners

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Furball Winners

THANK YOU contestants!!!
EVERY single entry was FAN-burbilicious-TASTIC!

Thank you to Tera from Trifles N Treasures for joining the contest and also giving pattern prizes too!

The verdict is still out on whether we will use the contest site again. It had some pros but also some cons. I like people being able to vote for more than one favorite and I also like the contest being more anonymous then this was.

Here are the winners and their prizes (from both shops):
First place (3 patterns of choice): Toil and Trouble
Second place (2 patterns of choice): Furbies for EVERYONE!!
Third place (1 pattern of choice): Bright light, bright light...
By category, winners receive one free pattern of choice (from both shops):
Best Effort: Fun with furball
Alter Ego: And you thought Tribbles were trouble
Creative Photography: Trick or Treat
Snappiest: Cheshire Furb
Scariest: Count Furbula treat bag
Coolest: Fuzzy Penguin
Randomly chosen to receive one free pattern of choice (from both shops):
Furballs Pumpkin Patch
Chloe's Furball Beanie
Basket of Fur
Furballs Dress Up as Alice and Chesh
All of the 9 judges had a VERY hard time choosing winners because ALL entries were incredible. 
Winners: please email and with your pattern choices.