snappy tots: October Event

Friday, October 12, 2012

October Event

Have you noticed the world has a touch of pink all over? October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is great to see so many trying to bring awareness to finding a cure.
Instead of a contest for October, I would like to encourage snappy friends to get involved too.

It only takes a moment to touch someone's heart and help bring hope into someone's life. 

Give a handmade item (see description below) to a cancer survivor (ANY kind of cancer),  post a picture on my facebook page by OCTOBER 28th, along with a short description/story about what you did and receive a free pattern of your choice. PLUS, be entered to win more prizes!

Ways to give (choose from any of these):
  • Give a handmade item to a friend or family member who has been affected by breast cancer or ANY cancer. We are celebrating all survivors. 
  • Give a handmade item to someone as encouragement to get a mammogram.
  • Donate a handmade item to a hospital or cancer awareness event.
  • Donate a handmade item to a children's ward.
How to receive a free snappy pattern: take a picture of you giving an item and post it and a description on Snappy Tots. Then, email heidi and let her know which pattern you would like.
Additional winners will be chosen to receive more prizes too.
"Handmade Item" = a crocheted, knit or sewn item made from any pattern.
Questions: Contact Heidi.
I hope you will enjoy this free pattern, "Wrapped in Hope"

Here are some great free patterns you may want to use:

~ ~ ~ ~ Crochet ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ KNIT ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ PLACES TO DONATE ITEMS~ ~ ~ ~ 
Crochet for Cancer
Look at this wonderful creation by Tammy Rollston:

I love the wings behind the ribbon. They are an Everlaughter design. She has graciously offered a discount on the pattern to anyone wanting to add wings to their project. Please contact her for more info. Hat is made from Snappy Tots' Moody Bear pattern.

Questions you may have:
Does the item have to be made from a Snappy Tots pattern? No.
Does the item have to be pink? No. Any color, any pattern.
Can we donate the item to a survivor of a different cancer? YES!

If you would like to attach a ribbon of a different color, here are some meanings:
Lavender- all cancer awareness colour
Pink- Breast Cancer
Silver/ Teal- gynocological cancers (ovaries

Grey- Brain
Orange- Leukemia & Kidney
Yellow- Bone/ osteosarcoma
Gold- Childhood cancers
Violet- Hodgkin's & Lymphoma

Pink & Blue- Male Breast cancer and Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Jade- Liver cancer (Asian & Pacific Communities)
Black- Melanoma
Pearl/White/ Clear- Lung Cancer
Blue- Colon

Purple- Oancreatic
Periwinkle- esophogeal 
Brown-colon & colorectal
Pink and Red- cervical cancer
Sky blue- prostate 

More colors can be found here