snappy tots: Beanies always accepted

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beanies always accepted

I got a message tonight from a wonderful lady. She has a friend whose brother was recently injured by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan while serving in the military. She asked if it would be possible for the BFB (Beanies for Bravery Project) to send beanies to these soldiers who lost most of their possessions in the attack.
Thanks to so many of you I have enough hats and notes to send! I am extremely thankful for each and every handmade beanie I receive every single week. I also received a stack of letters/pictures from a local 5th grade class. These will be put with each beanie and sent asap.
I am very thankful for this project. I am thankful we have been able to send over 1200 beanies since August 2011.
Our soldiers are cold and could use a boost from home. Please consider making a hat for a soldier. I will be sending them through March. If you know of an Army soldier overseas who we could send hats and letters to please email
For information about our project, please read posts below this one. Thank you.