snappy tots: Beanies for brave students

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Beanies for brave students

Due to a HUGE response we have exceeded our goal of 600 hats. If everyone sends all of the hats they say they have made then we will have enough. At this point please do not make anymore hats. Please send what you have. I will keep updating our count and let people know if more are needed.

Adult/faculty hats: We originally were going to start making hats specifically for the faculty in adult sizes. Since we have gone over our projected amount I am going to wait and see what comes in before we make anymore. With the soldier hats, even tho everyone uses the same pattern they come in a huge variety of sizes. I think we might end up with enough larger sized hats that can be used for the faculty. If not, then we can always open this back up and make more.
both were made as "child size". As you can see...hats end up in a variety of sizes.

At this time, 12/27/12, please send what you have made and do not make anymore.

THANK YOU so very much for your help!

If you are interested in making hats for soldiers, you will find information in this article. All soldier beanies MUST be black or DARK brown, washable and fit all guidelines as listed in the article. Due to military request, no loom hats are accepted.
Any hats made for soldiers which do not fit the guidelines (wrong color, wrong size, etc) will be donated to a charity.