snappy tots: Donations for a good cause

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Donations for a good cause

A Snappy friend is collecting hats for a wonderful cause and would love your help. Please read below and contact Kristin if you have any questions.

"I'm currently trying to crochet as many simple pattern beanies as I can to donate to the cancer center that treated a friend of mine. Sadly to say, she passed last week from brain cancer that she had been fighting for 4 years. She was 31 years young and was an amazing person. She left behind her 5 year old son and husband and hundreds of friends.

The cancer center that treated my friend was Duke University. I would like to donate as many simple beanies to that center for chemo/cancer patients as possible. I'd like to have all the donations to send by March 5th or around that time as close as we can get.

My friends name was Rachelle Porter Mahoney. There was a news write up about her struggle about 2 years ago. She was an elementary school teacher in Hollywood Florida. All I'm asking is for anyone that has an extra moment to even make one hat, it would be extremely appreciated. I would like to donate them in her and her sons name, Caedin.

Again, I know that everyone is very busy. I, again, am very appreciative of anything that anyone would like to help with. Also, her animal was the giraffe. Her motto was "standing tall thru it all". I would have any donations sent to me, and I then would give them to another friend who is in charge of Rachelle's Will. She would then send them to Duke. thank you for taking the time to read about my friend. Kristin"