snappy tots: Project Time

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project Time

Red Heart Tree Skirt
I worked on the tree skirt today. I was debating on changing to traditional Christmas colors after completing the first block...because it is kind of a frightening color combination and those skeins are not living harmoniously in the tote. Snappy peeps had mixed thoughts on the subject so after much consideration...actually, more laziness and cheapness then anything...I have decided to stick with the original plan and use the colors as listed in the pattern. I already have the skeins. I have one block made and what would I do with a trapezoid granny? So on we go...
The pattern lists instructions for one block, listing a color code to follow. To save time down the road I decided to create a cheat sheet rather then hunt for which letter I should be on each time. 
This has saved oodles of time. Once you get to the third round you do the same thing each time so its one of those no-brainer projects, great for working on when distractions (aka family) are in the room.

 I have finished three squares...well, kind of square-ish/trapezoidal shapes. I put each in a numbered baggie to make final assembly easier.

I decided to start the "inner ring". I wasn't going to do this until last, but noticed it has like 14 rows so I better add it to the monthly "to do" list. 
So as far as my "Rockin' out the Christmas projects" goes this month, I can check off "work on tree skirt". I only finished one slipper last month...nope, not one "pair", just one lonely I need to finish the other one and make another pair of slippers. I have done a GREAT job of collecting patterns I want to try on my slipper quest. Hmmm, I think I will do Doris Chan's Slippers...since I seem to have an addiction to ganny squares lately. Maybe this year should be the year of the granny square. ...that sounds much more pleasant then the year of the snake.
Are you working on things each month? If so, watch for a check in around the 24th of each month on my facebook page for a chance to win awesome prizes. Last month two winners won Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hooks!