snappy tots: Getting our ducks in a row

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Getting our ducks in a row

A few weeks ago I came across this picture and shared it on my fb page. Within a few hours, a helpful snappy peep, Kimberly Flower DeMois, found the pattern.
Click here for duck sweater pattern.
I LOVE these little duckies and actually decorated my entire bathroom with rubber ducks a few years ago. They are totally snappy happy. So it got me thinking....for my birth month of May, let's spread snappy happy duckiness all over! Start collecting these sweet things now (our dollar store sells a bag of 3 small ones so keep your eyes opened for them). Our event for May will be something you wont want to miss! I will be 43...think we can spread 430 decked out ducks all over? They definitely will make people smile. We will have a "where in the world are the ducks?" page where you can log locations for your duckies.
Quick and easy to make...Kids will LOVE helping you find new homes for your friends. But WAIT! Don't start placing them yet! We will all spread them around during one week in May...just start getting them dressed and ready. Be thinking of a fun little note you could attach too!