snappy tots: Garanimals

Monday, June 24, 2013


I LOVE the concept of Garanimals! It was a clothing line for kids when I was little (I just searched and they still have them! I wonder if they still do the matching thing tho). Each article of clothing had a tag with an animal on it. You would match the animal tags and that would give you a matching clothing item. So, a shirt with a purple monkey tag, went with a pair of pants with a purple monkey tag. I wish they made these for adults, especially men.

One day, while looking at quilt fabrics, I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if fabrics and yarns had Garanimals tags?!" It takes me longer to put together yarns for blankets then actually making them.

The point of this rambling is I have the hardest time remembering which person goes with which shop. I would LOVE a cheat sheet so I didn't have to ask people and make them feel bad. I know it isn't exactly like Garanimals but kind of. If each person was assigned a specific animal and color that was on everything in their life it would be awesome. Eventually we would run out of animal/color combos and have to use bugs and stuff too. That's ok because I know some people that bugs fit them better anyway :)

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