snappy tots: July Contest Winners

Friday, August 2, 2013

July Contest Winners

July's Contest, "Country Pride" was a huge success, showcasing many beautiful creations. People were given the challenge of creating items based on colors of their country.
As a thank you for the time and effort put in, each contestant receives 1 free pattern of their choice to be redeemed at any time.
In addition, the following people have been chosen to win more patterns.

Top "likes", voted on by facebook fans:
FIRST PLACE (3 free patterns): Darlene Tasso

SECOND PLACE (2 free patterns): Jennifer Hatch

THIRD PLACE (1 free pattern): JoAnne Thompson
Winners, as voted on by panel of 6 judges:
BEST EXAMPLE OF THEME (3 free patterns): Olivia Yeupell
BEST EXAMPLE OF THEME (3 free patterns): Stephanie Nelson
Winner (2 free patterns): Helen Deines
Winner (2 free patterns): Tammi Pereira

Winner (2 free patterns): Stacy Dilts

Winner (2 free patterns) Fun Photography: Angela Watson
Winner (2 free patterns) Fun Photography: Emily Suthoff
Honorable Mention: Several people entered more then one item. Each wonderful creation in this contest takes time and I appreciate them all. A special thanks to each of the following for entering 4 items:
Angela Dombrowsky - 2 free patterns

Alaine Tingey - 2 free patterns
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Disclaimer: Snappy Tots is not responsible for the outcome of this contest and does its best to keep things fair. Contests/events are held in the spirit of fun and are meant to encourage creativity. Judging is kept as anonymous as possible. Each contest is separate and not judged based on previous entries/winners.