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Friday, September 20, 2013

A Cat's Eye Review

Pom pom Makers: Rah Rah Rah
Pom poms make great cat toys, but they better be sturdy or they'll fall apart and what fun is that? Just makes a mess and then we cats get blamed. What is the best way to make them, you ask? Snappy Tots friends were asked and most agree...commercial pom pom makers are the way to go!
Here's what they have to say:

Clover is #1
"Better then sliced bread", says Georgia Beckman of The Hat Factory. They must be pretty awesome because bread is delicious! Haven't tasted the pompom makers but I will take her word on it.
Many others agree, saying Clover Makers are convenient, easy to use and (with a coupon) worth the price.
They sure have a large selection of sizes and even make heart-shaped ones. Heidi LOVES pompoms so maybe I can talk her into giving those a try.
Priced between $6-12 US dollars, these will make great stocking stuffers.

More from Georgia: "I was so tired of cutting out two pieces of cardboard from cereal boxes.  They quickly got chewed up by my scissors, rendering the pieces of cardboard useless & dulling my scissors.  Then I'd have to cut out a new pair of circles.  These would only be able to be used a handful of times before having to make new ones.  When I bought my pom pom makers, I bought both packages that were available.  The two larger sizes in one package & the two smaller sizes in another package.  I have never used the smaller size ones. 99% of the time I use the largest one.  They are so reasonably priced (under $10 for the pack of two) I can't believe I put off buying them for so long!  I don't know what I'd do without them now."

Where to buy: almost every craft store
How to use Clover pom pom makers (video)

Additional Comments about Clover and other brands:
From Melissa Johnson: "It's so easy to do, they are tighter than what I can make by hand. I am so glad I bought them, helped too that I had a coupon from Jo-Ann's."
Brand: Clover

From Jerilyn Schneider: "I bought the a set of pompom makers being completely skeptical of it being a gimmick. I absolutely love love love them. I went back and bought every size.  The first one or two seem kind of awkward, however it didnt take long to get the hang of it. A++++".
Brand: Clover

From Tammi Pereira: "I can't make a decent one without them!"
Brand: Susan Bates
How to use pom pom maker (video)

From  Danica Walker: "I got mine a few years ago at Wal-Mart. Bucillci Doodle-Loom quick & easy tools for pom poms (create quick & easy no knitting knowledge projects with floss, yarn or other fibers). LOVE the pom pom maker its so very easy to make them."
Brand: Bucillci Doodle-Loom

Other options
Heidi sticks by her way of wrapping the yarn around her palm. Reading through comments I found others like this too. For some it seems to be a quicker alternative, but some just can't seem to get a tight pompom that doesn't fall apart. 
Lazy Man's Pompom

Magyver's Way
Cd and 2 popcicle sticks

Fun Pom pom Projects
...PAWSitively to PURR for projects:
Pom pom Curtain
Pom pom Rug
Knit Pom pom Hat 
Crochet Pom pom Cloche

Strange Creations
What on earth...?
Pom pom gloves
Is that a pom pom?