snappy tots: A stitch a day

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A stitch a day

I love learning new stitches! One year for Christmas my fil gave me a calendar that is a different stitch each day. It's so fun. He has a tradition of giving every member of the family a calendar specific to them. It is one of my favorite gifts each year. I love seeing the unique ones he finds. I always get awesome knit or crochet ones.
Pinterest is perfect for finding and storing crochet tutorials. I have been collecting different ones I find that explain stitches and other how-tos.
Then, a few months ago,  I came across a website designed just for me. It is so perfectly me that I KNOW they had to have had me in mind! offers just that,  a new stitch each day! Don't you get tired of working the same ol sts? It's perfect for when you want to try something new or figure out how to create a st listed in a pattern.