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Sunday, October 27, 2013

LOTS of winners!

On Friday, 10/25/13, I shared pix from our recent trip to Yellowstone. This has become a tradition on my page. The following people were randomly chosen to receive a free pattern. Thanks to every single person who posted on the pix.

We have been having an invasion of minions on our facebook page. Randomly, at least 3-5 times a day, an old storenvy listing for minion boot cuffs posts. We have been searching and searching...deleting apps, refreshing computers, even reset my phone back to factory settings (oh so annoying). Yet those evil purple minions STILL continue to pop up. To turn it into a positive event, I asked people to post on the picture each time they saw it and winners would be chosen. The following people were randomly chosen from the 4 pictures which popped up Saturday (10/26/13):

We are now going to try and "ban and delete user" on the minion post to see if that will get rid of them. Keep your fingers crossed. I do apologize to those few who have gotten upset with the auto posts popping up. If you keep seeing it and have any suggestions please email me!

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