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Saturday, December 14, 2013

More PIxies

To celebrate the holiday season, some outstanding, super snappy friends have been nominated to receive a free Snappy Tots pattern. Our Snappy Pixie visited several people, delivering them a special note letting them know they can choose a free pattern. We have LOTS more to give out so please click on the pixie on the left and nominate someone This time 20 people were randomly chosen. They are listed by their pixie names so those who nominated them will know they were chosen.   Winners are chosen from all nominations since 11/2013. 

tinkerbell 4 me
jumping jill 62
vb coach sue
jingle bella
frosty pickle toes
sugar berry fairy
1983 fair e
daisy 2tu
snappy pixie 8
5girls mom
yarn hoarder
twisty sisty
Steelers pompom queen

Would you like to nominate someone? GREAT! Click on the pixie graphic, top left hand, and fill out the form.

I do try to choose 100 different people, but sometimes duplicates happen. The reason I do not post the person's real name is because in the past some people received comments that they shouldn't have won. ...and that was just wrong.