snappy tots: Warm and Cozy Set

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Warm and Cozy Set

I was in Walmart a few weeks ago looking for those gloves that work on cell phones. It is super cold right now in Northern Utah and it seems like my phone always rings or I get a text at the coldest moments. I found fun printed fleece gloves for $5 a pair. There were matching boarder hats too for only $5. I bet you can imagine they weren't the thickest, softest set, but cute nonetheless. As I walked the endless miles of walmart, going from the gloves to the milk section, I started thinking how cute the hat would be lining a warm and cozy crocheted boarder hat. Viola! Sets for the girls in my family were born.
Isn't it cute? I just love how it turned out. Yes, there will be two gloves.
Here's what I did:
The hat, like many inexpensive store bought hats, was short and skull cap-ish fitting.

As I crocheted the hat, I kept checking the length to make sure it turned out approximately the same length as the printed one. As long as the bottom edge/earflaps matched up, that would be fine. A little slouch on the crocheted hat wouldn't affect the fit.
I lined up the bottom edge of my hat with the bottom edge of the lining hat to check earflap placement. The first earflap I did a ch 2, then hdc across until it was the same width as the lining hat. Then *ch 2, turn, hdc2tog, hdc across til 2 sts remain, hdc2tog*, repeat til 4 sts remain.

I cut off the top knot thingy and threw it away. Leave the braids. We will do those later.
Once my hat was complete I slipped the lining hat inside my hat. I lined up the bottom edges as best I could and then pinned middle front and back and earflaps together. With matching thread and sewing needle I sewed the two hats together, all along the bottom. Now, as many of you know, sewing and I do not get along (my mother, who owned a fabric store the entire time I was growing up just cringed). If I can sew this then ANYONE can. Seriously.

Now for the braids. The bottom of each braid was sewn straight across. I got my handy dandy seam ripper (scissors would work but be careful to not cut the braids), and undid the stitches. I then unbraided each braid. To bring the two hats together, I wanted to put some matching yarn in them. I cut 9 strands of blue yarn twice the length of the lining hat's braids (for each braid). Pull half of the strands through a stitch just above the top of the braid. Pull through till ends are lined up. Repeat for remaining strands. Divide pieces into 3rds, including fleece. Braid and then tie a piece of matching yarn around the bottom of the braid and tie a knot. Repeat for other side.

For the gloves I made a pair of mitts to slip over. This ties in the blue yarn of the hat, plus adds warmth. I did not sew the mitts to the gloves because they will stay in place and then can be worn separately when it warms up.
My "quick mitts" pattern is free, works up super fast and would be great for this project. The mitt and hat in the photo are new patterns to be released this month (12/13).

There you have it. A warm and cozy set. I hope you will enjoy making these. I noticed out dollar store had cute beanies. This same technique could be used to line regular beanies as well.
Now...onto using the fuzzy socks I found to line some slippers!