snappy tots: One FABULOUS Year!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


This morning, while sitting in my soccer chair and enjoying the breeze in my backyard, I have been planning for the upcoming months. With sketch book and calendar in hand, it hit me. It's been over ONE YEAR since Snappy Tots debuted on Facebook. June 11 to be exact. What a year it has been!
During this past year, I have met TONS of outstanding people from all over the world. You have renewed my faith in humanity and taught me so many things about life and myself. I have grown more the past 6 months and become a much stronger person, thanks to all of your support. Your words of encouragement, the sunshine you share daily and your positive posts have been unbelievable.
The earliest post I could find, that someone actually liked or commented on, was this one. The angry fowl obviously put snappy on the map and really jump started my page.

Thanks to people like Joyce, my page quickly grew and allowed me (us) to do many outstanding things.
From August - November, people from over 30 states and 3 countries made beanies for our brave soldiers in Afghanistan as part of our Beanies for Bravery Project. It has been a dream come true to send over 750 beanies so far. I could not have done this without snappyland. Its almost time to start sending boxes again.
There are now over 150 snappy tots patterns, MANY of those inspired by you. We just finished a humungous giveaway, featuring vendors I have looked up to for a long time. We raised over $500 in memory of a sweet little angel. We have shared in weddings, births, milestones and even tragedies. We have become a support system of HUGE proportions and I feel stronger each day, knowing you are there.
I am able to chat with some of the most creative, funny and caring people I have ever met, some of which have become close, personal friends whom I hope to meet in person some day.

I am thankful for you. I am thankful for the time you take on my behalf to share pictures, suggestions, words of encouragement and advice, the help you give others on my page and in groups. Thank you for being incredibly snappy and touching my life in ways you could never know.
My wish for each person reading this is a life of happiness and joy. May peace and laughter be in your heart. Follow your dreams and beliefs and may no one try to bring negativity into your life.