snappy tots: Monday Muffins with snappy struesel

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Muffins with snappy struesel

I am loving the beautiful weather and being outside. What a difference fresh air makes.
When my computer died last fall and needed replaced (it was over 10 years old and so it was time to tell it goodbye) I am glad my husband insisted I get a laptop instead of a desktop. I LOVE being able to sit in my soccer chair (their original purpose...these chairs have seen some exciting games before retiring to my backyard) and "work". I truly feel blessed beyond belief. I really am thankful for YOU.

Its hard to believe it is already the middle of June. Soon, we will be on a countdown to Christmas so let's vow today to make someone's Christmas present before the month is over, or at least start.
Each year I get empty shoe boxes from the Payless shoe store in town (boot boxes are the best). As I make my list of friends and family I need presents for I put each name on the end of a box and place it in my craft room closet. This way, as I make something, I can place it in the box. It keeps them organized and clean. I also add non handmade things I pick up along the way so I wont forget where I put it or who I bought it for. If its lotion or something which might get on the handmade item, I make sure to place it in a zip lock bag. I used to store these boxes in the garage, but one year had to give funny shaped candles which had transformed during the heat of Utah summers, and then hardened again in the fall. A friend of mine keeps hers in the attic...but she lives in Alaska. PLUS, our attic is a burial ground for things we have forgotten. Who knows what is up there. As long as it wasn't alive at one point we are good.

Two important things to remember:
  • A new contest is underway and the entries coming in are phenomenal, as always! Entries are due June 25. No, you don't send me the item, just a picture of it.
  • Start working on your advent calendar. This is a CAL (which means Crochet A-Long). Make a few pieces each month and have a wonderful finished decoration for yourself, gift or item to sell.
So...make some snappy muffins and enjoy another wonderful week. As long as you are in snappyland, life is happy.