snappy tots: New contest...join the parade!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

New contest...join the parade!

Each month in snappyland we have a contest for prizes. This month's theme is "Patriotic Parade". Follow the guidelines for this month's contest, take a fun picture (the better the picture, the better your chance at winning) and email it by the deadline. Its really fun to see everyone's creations so I hope you will join the fun.

June's guidelines:
Patterns to use: ANY by Snappy Tots..use one or a combination of many, but please write down your "recipe" to share with others (i.e. which parts from which patterns). The complete line of patterns can be found in my download shop.
Pictures: PLEASE do NOT put your name, shop name or watermark on your photo. We try to keep them anonymous for the most part.

Deadline: Jun 25, 11:59pm mt (that's 2 hours behind the east coast). Email entries to with subject line "contest" or something similar. A list of contestants will be posted before the contest begins to make sure all entries have been received. You may not receive an email prior to the contest saying your entry was received. No worries.

Prizes: The contest will be posted from June 28th-June 30th as an album on the Snappy Tots fb page and people will be encouraged to "like" their favorites. Winners will be announced the first week of July.
First place: 3 patterns of choice
Second place: 2 patterns of choice
Third place 1 pattern of choice
Family Choice: (heidi's family pix a favorite) 3 patterns of choice
Participation prize: each contestant will receive a 50% off coupon to be used for one purchase during the month of July.


  • Can  extra items be added? yes and no. Yes, you MAY add buttons and ribbons. No you may not add crocheted items made from other patterns. 
  • Why can't I add other things? We have had many contests and the best way to be fair to all entries is to limit what can be used. The reason I dont allow other patterns to be used is because all contest items are used to show what can be done with snappy patterns.
  • Can I advertise the contest on my personal or business page? yes, but please do not say which entry is yours. 
  • Can I "encourage" customers and friends to vote for my entry? yes, please do BUT please do not bribe people by saying they will receive something in return for voting.
These are fun and I LOVE the creativity that goes into the entries. I also appreciate the time involved and thank you for your participation.