snappy tots: Start planning your ADVENT-ure

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Start planning your ADVENT-ure

It's JUNE and time to start planning your handmade Christmas presents and decorations. Six months from now you will be glad you did (yes, Christmas is just over 6 months away!).
I grew up with parents working in retail so it was a busy time of year around my house. My mom always made tons of presents. As I got older, I started making most of my gifts too. Each year I would always "plan" on starting early, but usually that meant I was lucky if I had something made by Thanksgiving. THEN, one year I started a blanket for my parents in the summer. I carried the thing everywhere and it was done before Halloween. It was the best feeling ever and soon became my goal. I would love to have everything finished so I could just enjoy family for the month of December.
Since my wonderful family reads my blog (love them for that) I can't share what i have up my sleeve this year (going to have to take it out of my sleeve soon because the pokey needles are starting to bug me), but I CAN share one big ADVENT-ure I have been wanting to do for a few years.
Please read THIS POST and join in the fun. I would suggest making a game plan, deciding at least how BIG you want your calendar to be. Later we will make the main calendar part. Pieces should be fairly small, but no need to get your magnifying glass out to make them. About the size of a chocolate chip cookie will work great...the regular size cookies, not those humungo ones wrapped in plastic wrap on the counter at the gas station.
I am a list maker so this time of year I start a list for each person I will be making gifts for and jotting down ideas, collecting favorite colors, updating sizes, etc. Whether you choose a unique gift for each one or go with a theme for the year (i.e. slippers for everyone), start planning now. Grab yarns and supplies while on sale so you can be choosy, not settle for whatever is left on the shelf.
Note to shop owners and boutiquers: you should be cranking out Back to School, Fall and Halloween things NOW! Stay ahead of schedule...yep, should take my own advice.
So, with that said, what are YOU working on this summer? Pack an emergency bag for the car. Fill it with a couple skeins of yarn (mine has a neutral skein...tan, white or black...and ALWAYS some pink), a pencil case with scissors, various hooks, yadda yadda (although i usually have these in my purse too). Always be prepared! You can place it right next to your hubbies "in case of emergency" tote that has all that guy stuff in it...those cables with the red and yellow grabbers on them, that heavy tire bar thingy and whatever other grimy guy thing he needs. Yep, if my car breaks down my biggest concern is if i have cell service.
Enough ramblings of a hooker for today.