snappy tots: Giving from the heart

Monday, July 30, 2012

Giving from the heart

Over the past year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet many outstanding people who are a great inspiration to me and others. One such person is Tammy Rollston.

"The more that people do for others, the more smiles it brings to those people and any funds that are generated will not only help those patients medical, but also emotionally." - Tammy Rollston

 I LOVE seeing the beautiful things she so lovingly creates for babies. I asked her if she would share her story with snappy friends. She has such a giving heart and definitely proves one person can make a huge difference.

From Tammy: My name is Tammy. I have been with my hubby for 30 years this August. My
hubby and I have two children, a son and a daughter. Both have blessed me with
beautiful grandbabies. I have been crocheting for 25+ years.

My job requires me to travel 9 months out of the year and I spend most of my
time (when not working), in hotels/apartments so to keep my mind busy I crochet.

So many families have lost someone due to the deadly disease, Cancer. It’s not
an easy thing for them to have to deal with, so…..

“What I love to do” is crochet for those in need, cancer patients, and children’s
hospitals, local families that have had their babies way to early. I recently was
ask by a cancer patient (also a co-worker) if I could make her up some hats, as
she is undergoing chemo/radiation treatment and has lost all her hair .

One very important event for me (and my hubby) is the Sandy Corley Memorial
Run which takes place every year in June (coming up this week end) and I try
to donate as many hats as possible to the Johnson Family Cancer Center in
Muskegon, MI. We have volunteered for this event for 24 years strong; he is the
head of security and also the vendors. He even comes up with strange ideas for
hats, and I do in search for them because I try to donate some to our Friday
night auction every year.

My personal coordinator asked me if I would mind making up some hats for a
former co-workers 11 year old daughter because she was battling brain cancer,
as just recently was ask to make up some things for 4 preemie little ones that
were born to co-workers.

Doing this is so important to me, if I can help others, then I will do the best that I
can for them. I don’t ask for donations, yarn or supplies to make up what I have,
it comes from the heart, so no one can put a price on it. The smiles and the looks
in their faces and the words of hope that their family member will make it, is all
the payment I need

I have made many different special occasion dresses; including a red, white
and blue dress for my grand daughter to wear to her fathers BMT (Air Force)
graduation. My daughter told me everyone that seen it was in love with it. My
daughter still has it hung in her closet, even though it doesn’t even fit as a shirt

I recently made a gun sling for my grand son’s pretend gun. My daughter kept
asking him to stop placing it through his collar down the back of his shirt, so I had
the idea to make a sling for it. Then I added a belt for him to place his bullets in.
My daughter informs me that his friends also want one for theirs. Guess I have
another “to make” list.

So as you can see, when I do get to visit my daughter down south, grammy has
to bring a lot of yarn with her, because I will never know what to expect from
them, and hubby tries to keep me out of the yarn stores down there (but in all
reality, he doesn’t mind.

Making things for others, “It’s what I love to do”

About one of the projects Tammy is involved with:

"It’s not just my husband and I that volunteer for this event, but many, many more people.
It takes an entire year for the HOG Chapter and the Corley’s to plan this event every
Year. The Corely family are the owners of our local Harley Dealership and they lost
Their husband, father, grandfather and good friend to cancer 24 years ago.

The man on the right “Rick”of the picture is the son of that man and the woman on the
right, “Barb”Is the one that came up with the idea to start a memorial run in the name of
the man “Sandy Corley” that passed away.

A lot of planning, love, sweat and tears are put into this event every June. In 2013 will be
A very big event, the 25th, can’t wait to see what happens then !

I know this isn't snappy related, but just had to share. Today was the big day for the
donation of the funds that were raised at the Sandy Corley Memorial run benefit that
my hubby and i have volunteered for now for 24 years. This check is what was donated
TODAY, which after 24 years the total is "drum roll please" over $1.4 million dollars to
the Johnson Family Cancer Center (the same place my hats go to" WUHOOO :)"

Thank you Tammy!