snappy tots: Recreate and win patterns

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Recreate and win patterns

The lovely Kristine from Kristines Lil Loves sent me pix of this beautiful scarf to see if I knew of a pattern so she could make one. It is a commercially made scarf, but I KNOW there is a pattern out there somewhere OR one of our super talented snappy friends can recreate one.
Take a look at the pix. Then enter for a chance to win patterns.

Two ways to enter: 
1. Find a pattern for a a similar scarf, make one and share your picture for a chance to receive 2 snappy patterns of your choice.
2. Recreate the scarf and email pix and the pattern for a chance to win 5 snappy patterns of your choice. EVERY entry that turns out the same wins!
IMPORTANT: please do not copy someone else's pattern and turn it in as your own.

Deadline: August 24, 2012 midnight  mt. Email all entries to Heidi.