snappy tots: Braids and Poms

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Braids and Poms

I am back in the pompom mode. Not sure why, but every so often my addiction to pompoms sneaks back in and I find myself attaching these fluffy little balls to everything. Tying them to braids of the same color is easy. The ends of the braids get swallowed up by the pom...but different colors are harder.
Here is what I do:
First I lay the braid on top of the pompom. I use the yarn I tied around the pompom and tie it securely around the braid.
I fold the ends of the BRAID back towards the braid.
Wrap the yarn tail around the ends of the braid (which you folded back in the previous step). This will seem a little awkward, but take a deep breath..YOU are the boss, not the pompom. Grab an unsuspecting innocent bystander to hold back those little annoying pompom strands if you can. Makes it easier and prevents throwing the hat across the room.
Keep wrapping...wrapping...wrapping. Pulling the yarn snug. Then use a yarn needle to pull the tail through the part you wrapped. Notice all those little yarn tails sticking out the bottom. We will cut those off silly. Of course you wont leave them. Hint: do NOT use a plastic yarn needle for this step or your super hero strength will make it snap when you pull it through the wrappage (yes, yes I DO make up my own words).
And viola! I trimmed those little yarn tails (that were from the braid ends and sticking beyond the white/wrapped part). Use a SHARP pair of scissors to trim your pom if necessary.