snappy tots: It's AUTUMN!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Good morning wonderful snappians! I hope you had a wonderful weekend...our first weekend of FALL!!! YAY. it's finally here. Guess what that means? we are officially in GO mode for the Christmas season (Christmas Eve is 3 months from today, btw). Have you started decorating for Halloween? My mom's house, like always, is AMAZING!
If you haven't started an advent calendar, now is the time. I have been working on mine and have some cute pix to share this week to help get everyone excited about making one.
LOTS of new patterns from now til Thanksgiving, plus some fun contests along the way too. Some are fun seasonal ones, others are great year round. I have really tried to keep gifts and shops in mind with this latest batch.
Mr. Chesh' review column will start THIS WEEK, just in time for the holiday gift giving. Thanks to everyone who offered their opinions. He has asked if he can give away some of the products (I think he is trying to bribe people to read the posts). Watch for his big debut on Saturday...and give him some praise so he doesn't feel bad. He will be home by Halloween so this first column he is sending by email. His host family, The Pereiras, have been great to keep him for the summer. He has visited so many great places and I am jealous.

Snappy Stuff to keep in mind:
  • Current Contest entries due 9/30/12. We are doing this one a little differently. ALL entries will be entered for prizes, not just the top votes. Plus, it is being held on a contest site. Check out the info.
  • Beanies for Bravery project is in need of hats for soldiers. I will be shipping them from now til end of March. If you have a family member serving in the United States military overseas (preferably army because I am aware of their guidelines) and would like hats sent to his unit, please send me an email.
  • Birthdays: yes, I had great hopes of sending pattern coupons on people's birthdays...but had 2139 people sign up. We are still looking into ways to send something automatically starting January 1. For now, please send me an email during the week of your birthday and let me know which pattern you would like.
Have a wonderful Monday!  How about starting it off with some wonderful blueberry muffins? They have always been my favorite. Which recipe do I use most? the kind where the blueberries come in the can are delightful. Yes, more expensive, but definitely worth the splurge! For those who actually bake, give this one a try and let me know what you think. They look wonderful.