snappy tots: September Contest

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Contest

Each month I post a new contest for snappy friends to show off their creativity for a chance to win free patterns.
Since we are nearing the end of the month already I have decided to do this "contest" a little differently.

Did you ever see the Star trek episode, "Trouble with Tribbles"? When Furbys first came out they reminded me of these multiplying furballs.
This month lets make our own mound of fluff.

For fun I have asked Tera from Trifles N Treasures to join in our fun with her new Fuzzby pattern.

Here is the info:
ALL entries MUST be based off of the patterns Furballs, by Snappy Tots or Fuzzby by Trifles N Treasures. Both patterns are on sale today, 9/20/12 so pick them up and save!
Make a hat, purse, stuffie or any other creation. Patterns can be combined too.
Things to add: ANY snappy pattern pieces, felt, buttons, ribbon, ANY commercially made item.
Pick a theme (halloween, princess, snowball, etc), or make as shown. Either way EVERYONE has a chance to win.

Please provide a really fun picture of your furballs. You spend a lot of time planning and creating your little guy...put the time into a photo too.

EVERY entry will have the chance to win a free pattern from Snappy Tots AND Trifles N Treasures.. Entries will be judged on such categories as scariest, funniest, most creative and more.

HOW TO ENTER: We are going to try something new this time. ALL entries need to be uploaded to a CONTEST SITE. They will not show up for voting until Sept 30. I hope this will be a fun new way to do contests. 

So...join the fun and get your entry in by SEPTEMBER 30, 11:59 mt.