snappy tots: Ravelry Tips

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ravelry Tips

After trying several online shop sites and receiving TONS of requests to be on Ravelry I made the leap. A few are new to the site and might have some questions. Our snappy friend, Donna McGonigal offers some great tips:

Click on the patterns tab, type in anything you can think of that you want to make. Once you search you'll usually see a bunch of different patterns, choose one that you like, then click projects under that specific pattern. That will show you what others have done with that project. If you decide to make it, your photo will end up under the their projects tab too when you're finished. If you want to queue it, it will save it for you so you can make it whenever you're ready and not have to search for it again.  If you're looking for something very specific you can use the column on the left to narrow it down.  For example: search baby hat.  Then click the following boxes: yes, under has photo. crochet. free.  That should give you an idea.
Ready to "hook it" or "cast on" or "start project" a project in your queue?  Press that button.  Then click edit project details (upper right).  Update your status (change this to finished when you're done, this is what will post your project under the pattern), select the date you started and update the completed date when you're done.  Add info about the project in the middle: name it or use same name on pattern, you can write who you made it for, click plus button on needle/hook size to state which size you used and add the yarn(s) you used.  Notes are very helpful, you can type things you would want to remember here, like pattern changes.  A problem with the pattern.  Things you did different or things you liked or didn't like about the pattern.  Remind yourself of something you'd like to do next time.  You can add photos all along the way.  You can show progress or just upload a photo of the finished project.  I also like to add photos of people with their gift if I made it for someone.
If you really like one person's project under a pattern you can add it to your faves.  This can remind you of a certain why you'd like to change the pattern when you make it or give you color ideas or  you might just like the pattern but not want to make it so no need to add it to your queue.
The my notebook tab will bring all of your personal stuff up.  Projects will be all of your finished and unfinished work.  Stash is if you'd like to document/keep track of all the yarn you have.  queue are projects you'd like to do in the future. favorites are patterns/projects you love. friends is where you can find your friends needles and hooks same idea as stash. library you can add all the books you own in here.  library is to store downloaded patterns.
Once you have friends, click on the friends tab. You can click on project (upper right) when you're under a friend's profile and you'll see all the projects they've made. Then you can click on queued and see all the ones they want to make.  A lot of times our friends have the interests and they might have found a pattern you love too so it's fun to see what they've been looking at.