snappy tots: New season...time to update pix

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New season...time to update pix

I receive A LOT of wonderful pictures from snappy customers. I LOVE them all. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a great place to showcase all of them....until now.
With the move to Ravelry, a new chapter begins and so does a new opportunity to share all of these amazing pictures. By uploading pix to ravelry and linking them to my patterns you not only help my patterns and others interested in making the design, but also yourself. I get a lot of requests for finished items and I will start sending them to look at pix on my listings. This is a way to promote your shop.
To encourage people, I will be randomly choosing pix from ravelry to receive free patterns. I dont know how often or which day of the week/month i will be doing this.
One more thing...I also will be showcasing patterns on my blog and would like to include pix of variations and color changes. In the past i have tried to figure out a fair way to offer free advertising to my wonderful customers and I think this will be a great way. If you are interested in having your pix featured they must be made "per pattern", meaning as the pattern is written, with minor changes. Please email these pix, along with a link to your fb page or shop to
There is no guarantee your pix will be used. IF they are you/your shop will be listed as the picture source.
Please DO NOT send pix to this address you would like uploaded to Ravelry. You will need to upload those yourself. For help questions with doing this please send an email to
I know many of you have already sent me pix. If you would like them featured PLEASE resend them to the address above (i am sorry to ask this of you). I will have someone else helping with these pix and they will only have access to that email address. Also, this address is ONLY FOR PICTURE SUBMISSION. These will NOT be replied to so please continue to send all other emails to the regular snappy tots email.
Thank you for your interest!