snappy tots: Manah Manah

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Manah Manah

I get a lot of requests for characters. Some are easy....and some....are not. A rare few take on a personality after they are made. When Mr. Chesh joined our snappy family over a year ago the mischievious behavior started almost from the start. Disappearing for days at a time, stealing my yarn balls, getting jealous of other characters I made. He has been traveling the U.S. for several months and while he was gone I made one of my favorite characters of all time. He actually has been hanging around my house since last spring. I have been trying to decide how to release him so his founding fathers will not be upset. I have been working on a blue and lime green version, but he just had to make his debut as himself.

I LOVE how he turned out and yes, he IS a hat. I will be releasing the pattern today, 9/11/12. In a week his alter ego (in blue) will take his place. 
Enter for a chance to win this brand new pattern. This giveaway will close in a few hours and the winner announced today.
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