snappy tots: Snappy Tots' Boutique

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snappy Tots' Boutique

After LOTS of requests, here it is: Snappy Tots' Boutique, a place to find the newest designs.
Soon it will be the holiday season and time for family pix. Why not wear fun stocking caps?!
My annual Snappy Stocking Cap Sale starts today. All summer I make these hats in a variety of sizes and sell them each fall. This year I have set up a shop which includes these hats plus will have various ready to ship items.
Grab them while you can because they are a GREAT price and always go quickly. I am not taking custom orders at this time. Also, please be aware, I do not offer refunds or exchanges on these hats. I have found people use them for photo props and then want to return them.