snappy tots: On the road with Snappy Tots

Thursday, September 13, 2012

On the road with Snappy Tots

Its almost that time of year again...when we are lucky enough to go spend a few days in one of the most beautiful places. My hubby and I argue which is actually the most beautiful...I say it is the oregon coast...he says it is Yellowstone. We try to go at least twice a year, usually with some pretty amazing friends. This time it will be me, my hubby and our youngest. Our daughter is the lucky bear finder of the family, but has college and work. We will miss her, along with our son who is in N.C.

While we are there we try to wave to our family and friends back home by visiting one of the webcams in the park. How cool is this? I love looking at them. If we make it to one of them this year I will post on the wall so you can wave back =0)

I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend. I will be posting pix throughout our trip so you can share in the beautiful scenery.