snappy tots: We are off to Yellowstone

Friday, September 14, 2012

We are off to Yellowstone

GOOD......MORNING....SNAPPYLAND! Yay, its finally friday! which is always a great thing but even better since we leave for Yellowstone this afternoon. I say "we" because of course you are going with me. Now, on our trip I do ask that you do NOT try to pet any animals, no yarn bombing their antlers, watch for moose (we rarely see those and it is always on my list of top priorities to find one), and my husband adds "keep your hands and head in the car at all times".
The truck leaves at approximately 3pm mt so make sure you have your yarn supplies packed (yes, scissors are allowed) and NO COFFEE on the way because the truck will not be making many pit stops.
This evening we will be headed to the cabin, unpack and then hopefully roast marshmallows around the fire pit. There is a hot tub, but swimsuits must be worn at all times! I know how you crazy ladies can get! You will want to get to bed early so we can be in the park (through West Yellowstone) by 8am. Have to see those buffalos in the morning mist...MY FAVORITE!
picture taken on our last trip by one of our friends.
I have some last minute things to do, then as soon as Hayden is out of Kindergarten we will be off!
My "plan" is to empty my inbox on the road trip...this depends on internet service and a cooperating computer.
I hope you will enjoy our trip. We LOVE taking pix and I will post them here (or on facebook if the little blogger ap on my phone doesn't work).
P.S. My husband has asked me to add....there really is not room in the truck for any extra people and inviting the entire snappy tots family to go along on our trip is, in reality (a boring place to live), an invitation to share with me through this blog (yes, he can be a little "black and white" in his thinking...but we love Mr. Snappy).