snappy tots: Snappy coffee and snooty yarn

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Snappy coffee and snooty yarn

Our first day on our trip is off to an awesome start! Coffee in west Yellowstone and I even remembered to pack my snappy coffee cozy because they don't have the little cardboard thingies here. HUGE thank you to Jackie Benjamin from Hats and more by Jackie for making it for me!
Then I ran in to this little shop which has snooty yarn in the back to take a picture to share with everyone. While I was there I overheard the two clerks talking about how the one lives in northern my town!! I peaked around the corner to find a familiar face. How fun! Now we are entering the park through the west gate. Hoping to find lots of animals today. Chat with you soon. P.s. notice the cool buffalo in the bottom left of the yarn picture. Buffalo and yarn together...wonderful.