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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snappy Assistant

Many of you know I have an assistant named Brooklyn. I finally gave in a few months ago and "hired" someone to help around the shop. After "interviewing" many candidates, we felt like she was the right choice. Well, she IS a great addition...just not as helpful as I had hoped.

"Brooklyn, the New York-ie" is a toy Yorkie and was born in march, 2012. Her best friend, Tonka, is a 100 lb Rottweiler and K-9 officer for Box Elder County Sheriff's Dept in Northern Utah. Brookie RULES the house. Weighing in at just under 4lbs. she definitely thinks she is the toughest dog in the house.

Occasionally I share pix of her on facebook and I get emails asking about different things she wears and if I will be making a line of outfits for her. Since she has developed her own following I have decided to let her have her own spot on the blog. Gotta find something she will be productive with because so far she sleeps instead of working on samples or patterns.

She says she can't type but I find bookmarks to all kinds of dog sites. She wants to share some of her favorites with other snappy dogs. Her FAVORITE doggy label is Posh Pooch. She has a few dresses and even had a Snappy Sweater designed just for her! (Thank you again Posh Pooch)
She has received some AMAZING hand made things from snappy friends. Here are some:

A perfect party dress to celebrate my birthday. Her first handmade dress, by Rhonda from Hagood Handmades

Two frilly dresses from Ashley at Khy's Closet. She definitely turns heads with these. Patterns by Posh Pooch.
Brookie is still in diva training and still thinks hairbows are things to eat, but look how adorable she is wearing one of the many amazing things handmade by Margaret Worman.
She also LOVES her Gooby Dog Hoodie from My Doggie's Closet. Thank you! It was the perfect outfit for Yellowstone.