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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snappy Pixie

It's finally here...the holiday season is quickly approaching with only 60 days left! That sounds like a lot, but it will be here before we know it. Let's plan ahead and make this the best (and least stressful) season ever!
Each year I end up working on Christmas presents up until Christmas Eve. I always think of that "perfect gift" for someone just days before the big day. I make MOST of our gifts and always try to work on them throughout the year.
The next two months are traditionally the most stressful for everyone. I have been trying to think of ways to help myself and other avoid this and plan, plan, plan ahead.

 From now until Christmas I will be posting tips, freebies, links, ideas, recipes, crochet patterns GALORE and more EVERY .....SINGLE....DAY! Plus a reminder of what really is important this time of year. Let's not get caught up in all things commercial and enjoy our family and friends. I have been collecting lots of ideas from snappy friends for things to do throughout the season (have some you want to share? send me an email).

To help BOOST the spirits of those around us I will be 
giving away 100 PATTERNS 
from now until December 20, 2012 and I want YOU to choose who they go to. 
Do you know someone who could use a smile or someone who spreads cheer themself? Nominate them for a free snappy pattern and happy note from the Snappy Pixie.
Click on the link above or this picture on the right side of the blog.

What else? I have been DYING to have a new advent calender. Even posted info about it over there on the right...have i got mine done? NOPE. So...thanks to the help of an awesome friend of mine, starting Nov 5, 2012 we will be making one QUICK piece each day for 25 days...some are even mini versions of some of my favorite snappy patterns. These make PERFECT tags, pins and ornaments too! Hey, better yet, how about putting them all on a sweater for this year's UGLY CHRISTMAS CONTEST (coming Dec. for will be a HOOT).

One more celebrate the early start of the holiday season...I will be releasing BRAND NEW PATTERNS each day for 7 days (starting Friday with Wolfie, the werewolf) for only $1.99-$2.49 each...7 days of NEW PATTERNS?!!! how exciting is THAT?

So...lets get our snap on and celebrate because "tis the season to be busy busy".