snappy tots: October Event FAQ

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Event FAQ

This month we are trying to encourage people to support those affected by cancer (of all types) by creating a hat, scarf, blanket, mitts, etc and donating to someone. I have received LOTS of emails and seen several posts about this with questions so I am going to try to clarify.

Please make an item (or use one you have already made) and give it to someone your know who has been affected by cancer or donate it to a charity. Share a picture and story about your gift on snappy tots' wall.

What needs to be in the picture? Anything showing you donated the item. I understand people may not want to be in the picture and that is fine. You, your child, your friend, the item, anything! No stress about getting the recipient in the photo.

Where do we donate or who do we donate to? If you know of someone who has personally gone through ANY cancer or been affected by cancer (a family member, friend, etc) please give to them as a show of support and comfort.

Can I donate to an organization or hospital? Absolutely!

More information about this event can be found below this post or by clicking on this link.