snappy tots: Kids at Christmas

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kids at Christmas

Each year I search for new traditions to start with our family. Last year we started a gingerbread making get together. It was wonderful. Our youngest son is five! The PERFECT age for cherishing the magic and spirit of Christmas. 
Today's post is all about kids and pure joy. We all get SUPER busy. I tend to make my family wait quite a bit while I work. I am making a game plan ahead of time to make sure this year is a wonderful one. I want to sit by the tree Christmas morning, drinking in the joy...instead of regretting working too much.
When I worked at an elementary school we made salt pictures like this one year. The kids loved it! Really easy and simple, yet cute.

Our youngest loves telling jokes! These are super funny ones. I think it would be fun to print them on little strips of paper and attach to each advent piece. A new joke each day :)
Snowmen are my favorite! There are several fun winter/Christmas treats even little ones can help with.
I HIT THE JACKPOT!!! This is an incredible thing for those with kids. I am super duper happy to have stumbled across this! A fun list of things to do each day from Dec 1-24. When my two older kids were little we lived by a mega mom who did something fun with her kids every single day during the holiday season. This is similar to what she did. LOVE it! Click here for printable list.

Here is this year's countdown.
Simple snowmen kids can help make and deliver to friends and family...or eat for a yummy snack.
Reminder to self: don't let the holiday stress turn me into a monster mommy....instead, find happy moments with my son each day.