snappy tots: Decorating ideas

Friday, November 9, 2012

Decorating ideas

One of my favorites this year! This granny square tree skirt would be a great family project, having members of the family make a square for the skirt. Might just have to make this next year's CAL!

I LOVE luminaries! They are charming. So many wonderful DIY ones are floating around right now. I had to share a few of my favorites.
A snappy friend recently made these doilie luminaries to decorate her wedding. I love decorations that can also be sent home as gifts!
What a clever idea! Definitely going to give these epsom salt luminaries a try. I just adore them.
Divinity candy reminds me a winter and fresh snow.
Isn't this charming?! It is a beautiful creation from Bella Crochet, made from 10 crochet cotton thread. Many of you know I am not a fan of working with thread...mostly because it makes me feel like a granny as I sit with my bifocals, still straining to see it. But this is cute and one of my close friends LOVES thread. I have been thinking this would be a super cute base for our advent calendar..made from worsted weight yarn!