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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Countdown CAL: spotlight patterns

While searching for great freebies for our CAL, I came across some WONDERFUL patterns for sale also. I have saved them for the last and created a post just for the non-freebies-but-wonderful patterns. Not all are flat items, to be used on all advents.

One of the things that made me decide I wanted to crochet an advent calender was a GREAT shop, Everlaughter. Her adorable appliques are perfect for this project. Tricia donated a gingerbread pattern for our event. She has a TON of designs that would make cute ornaments, package ties and parts of our calendars.
Click here for information about this pattern.
I love little trucks and toys on advent calendars. They also add a cute touch to gift tags.
Click here for this FREE pattern from Everlaughter.
For cat lovers (or hello kitty fans like myself), this freebie is a must.
Click here for link to pattern shop.
While searching for religious themed items, I came across this wonderful set by Gourmet Crochet. It is a modern look for a timeless addition to Christmas.
Click here for link to pattern shop.
THIS is what I am making for my advent calendar! I am making mine from worsted weight yarn (instead of thread like pattern calls for). I LOVE it!!