snappy tots: Day 9: Countdown CAL

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 9: Countdown CAL

For information about our Countdown to Christmas Advent Cal, please read "Day 1"

choose from one of these patterns:   

Click here for PATTERN. A snappy friend, Brenda Solis Uribe (thank you), shared this pattern in our group and its my favorite! huge thank you to Allen Williams for this beautiful boot.

Click here for PATTERN. I have seen these all over and LOVE them! I searched and searched until I found a pattern. I think we can make it look more "sock shape" when sewing together.
Click here for PATTERN. Another version. Love these!
Click here for Pattern. A great tutorial included by Le Monde de Sucrette.
More fun socks:
Click here for PATTERN. A little large for our calendars, BUT these would be fun to make as their own advent. Make 25 in different colors, put a small candy or goodie inside.
Click here for PATTERN. Out of all the wonderful sock patterns available, THIS has to be my most favorite. Check out the pix on the pattern listing to see other great color combos.