snappy tots: Do you loop-de-loop?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do you loop-de-loop?

I start ALL circles with a magic ring...or magic loop. Different people call them different things. There are lots of ways to do them and the only wrong way is to not do them at all! 

Have you ever noticed that annoying hole when starting a circular item? Making a hat and have a small peep hole in the top? You need to start with a magic circle/ring/loop thingy. This is especially helpful when making 3d items such amigurumis.

I made a video to show how I do the loop-de-loop start, plus have found some other great ways. Give them a try. You will be SO glad you did!
Heidi's Magic Circle Video  
Planet June's Magic Ring
Magic Adjustable Ring Tutorial 
Magic Adjustable Loop/Circle Video 
Another photo tutorial