snappy tots: LOTS of winners

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LOTS of winners

Over the weekend I posted a few giveaways on facebook. Some were pix, plus we tried to play some games for patterns. FB is jumbling all of the posts instead of leaving them in chronological order. Here is a list of winners for all current giveaways. If your name is posted please send an email to and let me know which pattern you would like.

·        Highway sign
WINNERS: Katie Liechty and Alexandra Aguirre

·        Crazy/wacky pattern
WINNERS: Bonnie Killian Parker, Katie Lacer, Jessica Lynch, Pam Amsdill and Katie Shumowsky.

·        Feet Freezing pattern
WINNERS: Ronda Goetz and Kim Lindsay Notley

·        First Snappy Pattern you find
Winners: thanks for posting these. So fun. Rachel Cody pfister and Amber Seay
Deadly Flower:
·         I LOVE how awesome all of the variations turned out. A few winners were randomly chosen.