snappy tots: November CONTEST

Thursday, November 8, 2012

November CONTEST

Each month I post a new event and this month it's a contest! This is a chance for snappy friends to show off their creativity and win free patterns.

This month's contest is based on the new "Stackables" pattern.  
Pattern includes instructions for making a 1,2 or 3 level hat. Entries can be any of those. It also includes several different features.

Here is the info:

  • ALL entries MUST be based off of the pattern "Stackables" (on sale for only $1.99 until 11/27/12) Make a hat, baby cocoon, stuffie or any other creation.
  • Things you MAY add: ANY crocheted pattern pieces from SNAPPY TOTS patterns only please, felt, buttons, ribbon, ANY commercially made item.
  • Pick a theme, make as a stack of holiday or movie characters or in your favorite colors. 
  •  Pattern can be made out of worsted weight yarn or ANY weight of yarn or thread (for those crazy people who like those tiny fibers).
  • PHOTOS: Please provide a really fun picture of your creation. You spend a lot of time planning and creating the entry...put the time into a photo too. It really does make a difference. Yes, people MAY be in your photo.
  • NO WATERMARKS or ANY info with your name or shop info can be on the entry NOTE: A special "contest entry" watermark will be placed on your photo to help discourage photo theft.
  • Collages MAY be submitted. If several single photos are submitted Snappy Tots reserves the right to choose one photo.
  • Please DO NOT share your entry online before the contest CLOSES. You MAY share the contest info anywhere you would like and are encouraged to do so to increase exposure....but do not tell anyone which one is yours please. Also, NO BRIBING to get votes. After contest is closed you may share it anywhere. 
  • EVERY entry will have the chance to win a free pattern from Snappy Tots. Voting will be anonymous. Top votes will win, as well as others too. 
  • Email your entry to
    Please notice this is a new email address set up just for snappy events.

So...join the fun and get your entry in by NOVEMBER 27, 11:59 mt.Winners will be posted by December 1.