snappy tots: Beanies for Brave Students

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beanies for Brave Students

As part of our "beanies for bravery project" we will be focusing on the survivors of Sandy Hook Elementary for the month of January.

Instead of making soldier beanies, we will try to reach a goal of 600 hats for the students.
It is VERY important you follow guidelines. Over the past 16 months 1200+ beanies have been shipped to soldiers in Afghanistan and surrounding areas and I have learned A LOT along the way.

ALL BEANIES must be as similar as possible. We do not want ANY student feeling bad because they did not receive the hat with "extras".
Therefore, please stick to plain beanies in GREEN, WHITE or GREEN AND WHITE STRIPES. A free pattern with all necessary info will be posted. PLEASE read through it thoroughly. It will answer many of your questions.

What shade of green, you might ask? This one, from Red Heart Yarn, is perfect! Please try to use something similar.
Red Heart With Love Yarn "Clover"
Yes, there will be a variety of sizes needed, but I found the soldier hats always come in various sizes even though strict measurements were given. I am confident we can do this. Most kids can wear similar sizes.

Guidelines: Please read through the "Sandy Hook BFB" pattern and guideline sheet 

Here are some important notes also listed on that sheet:
All beanies must be regular beanies. NO earflaps, NO mohawks, NO flowers. I know it would be fun to do little extras but with large of a group it is important to keep them similar/equal.

Ship beanies to me, postmarked before January 31, 2013. (address is on the sheet listed above.

If you have questions please email heidi@, subject "bfb".

Shipping Cost: when we get closer to shipping time, I will be asking for people to "adopt a box" and help pay shipping. Each box will cost approximately $15.00 to ship and there will be at least 20 boxes (we have gotten to be pros on squeezing as many beanies in a box as possible). 

Another way to help: Two wonderful ladies are collecting 6" squares to put memory blankets together for the families of the victims. Squares are easy and quick to make. Please support their project as well.