snappy tots: Pixie Fairy Makes a Visit

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Pixie Fairy Makes a Visit

To celebrate the holiday season, some outstanding, super snappy friends have been nominated to receive a free Snappy Tots pattern. Our Snappy Pixie visited several people, delivering them a special note.
So far 29 people have received free patterns. We have LOTS more to give out!
21 more have been chosen. They are listed by their pixie names so those who nominated them will know they were chosen.

Princess Pickle feet
Daisy Dot
Mama Grouch
Fairy Godmommy
Sugar plum princess
Hook'd on patterns
Queen of spinning
Snowflake Queen
Pixie Dust
Sugar and Spice
Jolly Molly
Miss Marple
Heavenly Helper
Snappy Addict
Chica Bonita
Would you like to nominate someone to receive a free pattern of their choice? Please fill out the pixie form.