snappy tots: Testers are a gift!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Testers are a gift!

A month ago or so I posted for people to email me if interested in testing for me. I did not expect the HUGE response and want those people to know I am still thinking about a few different options. I did pick up a few people whom I have gotten to know over the past year. I also have tried a few different project specific test groups and am thinking I might continue to do things like that in the new year. Those of you who test for designers please give yourself a giant gold star on your forehead because you rock!!!!
Right now there are approximately 25 people working on a ginormous project for me and I am so incredibly honored to have them taking time out of their busy lives to do this...not to mention the expense of the yarn they needed.
I hope you know how much you ALL are appreciated.
Watch for more info on testing projects to come in January.