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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fun things to do

As the new year approached, like many of you I started making resolutions. Besides the typical "loose weight", I added some crafty ones too....and hope you will join me in the fun.

A few years ago I worked on Christmas presents and holiday boutique items a little each month and it made for a less stressful fall and winter. For most of us the holiday season is super busy, even more so if you have a shop. Finding time to spend with family is scheduled among making gifts and finishing orders.

So...join me in "rockin' out Christmas" as we work on things month by month.
I would LOVE to set up a fb group for everyone to share ideas and keep inspired, but I am VERY leery of groups at the moment so I am still working on this idea. I do know that the 24th of each month will be check in day where you will be encouraged to share pix of your projects and a short story about your adventure. You will be entered to win fun prizes (you never know what we will be giving away!).

As part of our quest, I hope you will join me in "12x12x12". This project includes making 12"x12" squares each of the 12 months. Originally I was going to post different patterns I found, but then came across an awesome group on Ravelry already doing this in a fun way. They post two different 12" square patterns plus a 6" square pattern to use as a filler. How awesome! The group is called "2013 Crochet Block-a-Month" and is open to everyone. Along with that I will also post fun patterns (in case you want to make a larger blanket or substitute squares) I come across, as well as pix and notes on my own creation...mostly to keep me working on this.
This project can be included in the "rockin' check in" on the 24th each month.

For my afghan, I found a varigated yarn in colors that will match the person's home I plan on giving it to. I am not a fan of variegateds but it will work nicely with solids. I chose colors from the yarn to go with it. Normally I would have used something softer then Red Heart, but it is readily available to me in case I run out. I also will wash the blanket before giving it and that will help to soften the yarn.
First 12 x 12 and start of 2nd one. I also copied the patterns and put in a binder I am going to use for all the patterns I need for my Christmas projects.


My decoration goal is this awesome tree skirt from Red Heart. I absolutely LOVE it! I like the colors...but after pulling the skeins I am very surprised at the palette. Should be fun seeing it come together. I would not have put these together. I still need to find one more skein. For this project Red Heart will be fine because a sturdier yarn will hold up better for this use.

I gathered all of the skeins so they are together in one place and ready to go.

My gift goal is to make slippers for each member of my extended family and some friends. I got the most gorgeous crocheted pair from a friend and decided THAT is what I am going to do. If I wait until fall there is no way I will get more then a couple pair done, but if I make 1-2 pairs each month I will have awesome gifts all ready to go. Plus, by buying the yarn a little at a time I can afford to buy nicer quality.

I hope you will play along. I LOVE having a challenge and it will be fun seeing everyone's creations.
I will post updates here, on my blog. I have decided to do away with newsletters...since i haven't sent many...and instead would like to encourage you to sign up for email updates on the right side. You should receive emails in the mornings IF I have posted or updated.