snappy tots: January Slippers

Friday, January 25, 2013

January Slippers

My quest to find the perfect slipper pattern has begun. Each month I hope to make a pair to give as a Christmas present. My favorite kind of slippers are soft and squishy.There are lots of patterns out there for a variety of slipper styles, but many are complicated, with lots of steps and pieces. Up until now I haven't found that "wow" pattern....but this year I will!,

While I probably will end up making a variety of styles, my most favorite type of slipper is:
  • squishy soft and thick...thin + slippers = a sock
  • easy to wear and walk in...a nice fit
  • fun to make and does not require a degree in engineering
A good friend of mine made this beautiful pair for me for Christmas and I love them. I will definitely be trying this pattern by Bonita Patterns.
In the beginning of the month, out little boy, Hayden, hurt his foot and needed a pair of slippers to wear to school. After searching through patterns and being reminded "oh yes, slipper patterns are gross", I posted on my fb page for help from snappy peeps...who ALWAYS come through. Quickly several suggestions were posted. I ran out of time that night to make him a pair, but I did choose from that list for my first "quest" pattern.

"Knit Look Slipper Boots", by Stacey Tallman seemed to be the favorite of a few and looked like my kind of slipper.  At first all I found was an adult size (bummer), but soon discovered a 3 pack (thanks again to a snappy friend) which includes all sizes. YAY.

The pattern was easy to read and follow. The ebook has 17 pages and no page numbers so be prepared if you print this out. Mine ended up all over the floor and I spent the next 15 minutes playing "match the pages to the screen" to get them in order.

I used Caron Sheepish yarn (same thing my pink slippers were made of). My daughter had picked out 2 skeins. One skein was not quite enough. I did have some green sheepish so I added the final rounds with that instead of buying another turquoise skein.

I actually enjoyed making the first slipper which is a HUGE success. I will make more of these. I would like to use a slightly heavier yarn next time so they are even squishier.

If you decide to check out more of her patterns please note: her "one-piece toe up slipper socks" are an identical pattern, only without the cuff. I thought I was getting another fun slipper pattern.

So far our slipper quest if off to a great start! I will keep searching for free patterns too.