snappy tots: Sandy Hook Beanies

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sandy Hook Beanies

The time is finally here to ship all of the beanies to Sandy Hook Elementary! The school was flooded with donations during the weeks following the tragedy and we were asked to hold our shipment until after mid February.

I am beyond excited for them to receive these beautiful hats. We more then doubled our goal of 600, collecting 1560 hats! I will forever be thankful for every person involved in this project including everyone who made and shipped hats, those who spread the word, the many people who paid for yarn and shipping for others to make hats and every single person who has prayed for the people of Newton, CT and all those affected. Of course we wish this tragedy had never happened and never had the need for this project.

From the beginning of the project people have offered to help with shipping. Since the hats have been collected under my organization "Beanies for Bravery" we cannot accept donations. It has been suggested people "adopt a box", literally paying to ship individual boxes instead. On Wednesday, 2/20/13 at 3pm mt (5pm eastern) I will post a sign up sheet and information for purchasing labels. We will be shipping approximately 50 boxes at $15.00 each.Some labels have already been paid for...THANK YOU to those individuals!

Shipping FAQ answers:
  • We have shipped over 1400 beanies to soldiers and have found the most efficient way to pack beanies, allowing the most in a box possible (approximately 30-35 per box).
  • We packed one large USPS flat rate shipping box and a regular box of equal size and took both to the post office to see which would be cheapest shipping. Because they will be shipped from Utah, USPS flat rate is cheaper. We took the same regular box to UPS and it was quite a bit more then the flat rate box.
  • Each box will include a letter, thanking Sandy Hook for letting us send the beanies and information about the project (states and countries they came from, etc).
THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I am very honored to have been part of this project. I appreciate all of the wonderful letters and fun items sent with the hats. I will share pictures of the packing and shipping process, as well as any I receive from my contact at the school.