snappy tots: Winners!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Several people entered to win free patterns this past weekend. All winners listed below need to email and let me know which pattern they would like. Here are the winners: Here is a complete list of winners to receive one free pattern of choice: Myrtle Dell, Natasha Hudgins, Melissa Silver, Lisa McCann, Lindsay Conley, Elaine Sumner, Jeannie Waltz-Richards, Candice Capps Wharton, Margarten Worman, Yvette Wilson Manley, Sandra Fisher, Danica Stevanovic Walker, Linda Lafferty, Kate Coleman Richards, Jodi Mattice Winterton, Denise McCaskill, Jamie Beard Burns, Peggy Rimback Spain, Kelly Kiser, Crystal Bucholz, Melissa Lodahl, Steff Walker, Candice Redekopp, Olivia Yeupell, Aledria Lay Brown.

Two people were randomly chosen to receive the next 3 new releases. They are: